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Drive Sales with YOU on video. My camera confidence programs show you how!

Drive Sales with YOU on video. My camera confidence programs show you how!

Drive Sales with YOU on video. My camera confidence programs show you how!Drive Sales with YOU on video. My camera confidence programs show you how!Drive Sales with YOU on video. My camera confidence programs show you how!
Pat doing a Facebook Live with her audience!
Pat's  Facebook Live in NYC Times Square
Cultivate Relationships on Camera! Grow your sales!

grow your business with you on video.

All it takes is a little courage... and a good teacher! That's where I come in.  I'm Pat Lore. Your personal camera and video coach! Here to help you elevate your brand and your business!  Never been on camera before? Feeling awkward? Don't know how to start? You are in the right place. 

Online Programs


Start with a strong foundation: Need camera skills? New at this? Pat's Signature Online beginner's course Capture, Connect & Convert into Clients transforms you from camera shy to camera savvy!

From fear, to gear, to fabulous! Capture, Connect & Convert into Clients with Camera Confidence is a four-week go at your own pace online program.  This is the ultimate nurturing experience! My signature course  teaches you everything you need to get started to go on camera with confidence and charisma!  From camera shy to camera fabulous!  This course covers confidence, camera tech, connection & how to create great content.  It includes a private Facebook community for my feedback and support. 

Pat Lore talking to a camera

Feeling like you want to jump in right away? You want my "Grow your business with You on Video" (Quick Start course)

You want to start talking to your customers, but you are not exactly sure what to say or how to look your best on camera. You want to develop content that connects. This quick start course gets you up and running in no time. From camera tech to a deep dive into content- so that you can start engaging with your audience right away. Includes two-week private Facebook group with my support. Special price for limited time ONLY!

Facebook Live Podcast live skills microphone camera confidence

Live Shot Lab™

How can you get more clients? Go LIVE! No fancy gear required. Going live can boost your business like nothing else! Need skills? I've got you covered. Learn from a TV pro who has gone live her whole life!  Join the Live Shot Lab - what to say, how to connect, how to convert into sales! We practice together in a safe community so you get better FAST! 


Enterprise Solution: Virtual Studio & Confidence Camera Training for your sales force!

Being on camera is a core business skill that you cannot overlook! Sign up for my enterprise training and get your sales force stepping forward looking great and sounding great ASAP!

I will go over the tech, virtual shot set up, confidence on camera, lighting tips- connecting to the camera and much more! 

I have also have a  mobile solution that can train your workforce and put you ahead of your competition! 

Look great, sound awesome, and best of all... the gear fits in your laptop case! 

This will blow your mind. My mobile studio Includes everything from gear, to step by step video set up, my own virtual confidence training & content honing virtual workshop! Email me for a virtual presentation! Email Pat for details!

Do you want to know the secret sauce to being savvy on came

Pat  on location in Ecuador. When you have confidence on camera, your authentic self emerges.

Experience your own evolution from Fear to Fierce ™

Being successful on camera believe it or not, means you just being the regular, everyday you on camera. 

That is the secret sauce. Sounds easy, right? Then why do you freeze up when you hit record? I can teach you how to relax and tap into your authentic self, so you can start speaking to the camera effortlessly! 

If you are Camera shy but want to get in the game I've got you covered.

I've been there too. I can help you ditch your fear, gain confidence and show up as your everyday  self on camera-- so that you can start talking to your customers and grow your following and business.

People like to buy from those they know like and trust. Video is the preferred method to engage on social media. 

You can up level your business this year with the power of YOU on video! 

I  will teach you actionable steps to get you feeling comfortable in no time! 

My students are transforming on a daily basis by showing up authentically and developing interesting and compelling content for their audience. 

 Give your business the gift of YOU on camera.

My signature four-week (go at your own pace) course covers confidence, connection, camera tech and content creation.  We meet in our private online community, gaining confidence, growing our skills & overcoming that nagging fear once and for all!

Empower yourself. Grow your business. 

Make 2020 the year you commit to going on camera. It's not such a big deal. 

Pat Lore giving a live speech

About Pat Lore

Video and camera coach Pat Lore has been at this on-camera thing for her entire career! . Pat has  20+ years experience as a journalist, storyteller, host & reporter. Pat has interviewed celebrities, presidents & even Malala!  Now she takes her knowledge and shares all of her tips to help you start your on-camera journey. Grow your influence. Build your brand. Tell your own stories through the power of YOU. 

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What are you waiting for? 2020 is the year for you to get started on camera.

 Meet your customers where they hang out-- and learn how to talk to them on  Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn!

Pat's 4 week online program breaks it all down into digestible steps that make it easy to get rolling! Tell your story. Connect with your audience. Increase sales!

See you on the inside!

With Confidence,

Pat Lore, Your Camera Confidence Coach